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"Modelled on the needs of our client..." 


Retained Search is the most comprehensive and thorough service we offer. This tends to be reserved for senior appointments, positions requiring a rare skill set, challenging geographic regions, succession planning, or confidential appointments. Detailed intelligence is supplied to our client putting them in full control of who is approached, why they are approached , and how the approach is made; crucial factors to be considered if a hire is business critical. Each road map to delivery is different and each is designed in collaboration with our client to ensure the most effective route to execution. This approach provides a high degree of research, data, market intelligence, compensation insight, competitor analysis, and delivery guidance. It is designed to mitigate risk when embarking on a crucial hire and to ensure the most  suitable individual is located and secured whether that be domestically or globally​.


A Contingency Search embodies some of the methodology utilised during a Retained Search approach without the large-scale analysis. This approach may be taken when a target pool of individuals for a particular hire is large, based on the skill set or seniority level required. Our clients may opt for this approach if they feel the additional intelligence supplied during a retained process is not crucial to achieving the desired result.

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